Most Requested Outdoor Kitchen Features

Looking to have an outdoor kitchen added to your backyard? Well don't miss out on adding anyone one of these highly requested kitchen features.

#1 - Natural Gas BBQ

On the top with 14% of total votes, is having a natrual gas bbq in your outdoor kitchen. Quit refilling the propane tank so often, and have a nice permanent outdoor grill to entertain and feed all your guests.


#2 - Sink

Coming up second on the list, almost as popular as a bbq at 13% is having a sink. Yes, sinks are part of every kitchen, and shouldn't be left out just because this kitchen is outside. Make prep work and cleaning much easier. Get a sink!


#3 - Refrigerator

Just as essential as a sink or place to cook, third on the list at 13% of requests for outdoor kitchen features is, not suprisingly, a refrigerator! Be able to store all your food and refrigerated accessories without having to keep going in and out of your house.


#4 - Island

Number four on our list makes sense. At 11% of requests is a place to entertain your guests while you cook, or more countertop space for proep work - an island!


#5 - Cabinets

Last but not least at 10% of requests is another essential part of a kitchen - cabinets. Storage is always a necessity, whether your kitchen is inside or out.


Source: Homadvisor service requests