Easy & Cheap DIY Ideas

Nowadays everyone wants more for less, so we're obliged to help you DIY upgrade your home for as little money and time as possible.



One of the most effective DIY upgrades you can perform is repainting a room. You can usually do this for around $100, and be done in a day or two. Now that spring is here, it's the perfect time to add some new, bright colors to your home!



Hanging a framed mirror on the back of a door will create the illusion of depth in the space and make it appear more upscale,


Frame Light Switch Plates

For only a handful of dollars, buy frames that fit around your light switch plates. Paint them both the same color, glue them together, and reinstall. Viola!


Install a Dimmer

If light switches aren't your thing, then consider installing a light dimmer. Having it not cranked up high will help save your electric bill - and set the mood for a romantic home-cooked meal.