Increase Curb Appeal

Fake Stone Panels


Here's a real gem that nobody seems to know about. You need to visit to check these out. They will turn the ugly foundation exposed underneath the siding into beautiful stacked stone. They're about $90 per 2x4' panel, so it may cost a couple thousand to cover your home, depending on the lineal feet.


Got an eyesore sticking out of the side of your house, like a gas or power meter? Try your hand at spray-painting to make it blend in with the house; just make sure not to paint over any important parts.

Front Door Facelift


A front door is the bread and butter of your home; it's usually what eyes are initially drawn to. Like many other situations, including one like this: first impressions matter. A few things you can do are repaint the door, add signage visible from the street, or add crown molding atop.

Mailbox Makeover

This one is probably the easiest to do, with the greatest satisfaction. Turn your ugly 4x4' post into an awesome pillar. All you need to do is make a quickrete base for the post, slide the casing over after it sets, and attach the mailbox. This attachment will hold all three pieces together.

Find a mailbox kit at  Lowes

Find a mailbox kit at Lowes