Are Hands-Free Kitchens the Future?

It sure seems that way, but does the price justify the convenience? Let's find out.

SERVO-DRIVE: Automated Cabinets

Above is the pricing for all the parts to install the SERVO-DRIVE on the aforementioned cabinets - a  fairly decently-sized kitchen. With the total cost of over $4,000, this is purely a luxury convenience. If you think it's simply a waste of money,  then consider self-closing cabinets for much less.


Self-closing hinges will run you around $20 each (2 per door) and rails for a drawer run from $10-20 a set. There's really no comparison on savings; self-closing takes the cake.


Hands-Free Garbage

We've all run into the scenario where dirty hands need to throw out some trash. Never dirty your waste bin again & don't settle for a cheap foot pedal lid. 

Motion-Sensing Faucets



Basically just as useful as the hands-free garbage. You have dirty hands that need to be cleaned, but you can't touch the faucet handle and get that dirty, too, so you try and use your forearms or elbows.

On the flip side, this type of faucet will cost over $600 - typically three times the cost of your average stainless faucet.


So what does all this information mean? It will most likely cost you an additional $4,000 or more to have a hands-free kitchen. You're not likely to find these fixtures becoming commonplace for years to come.