Area Rug Layout Rules Pt. 1

Are you thinking about switching carpeted floors to hardwood with area rugs? Or, do you want to know how to properly incorporate area rugs into a room,  keep on reading.

Two-Foot Rule

Ideally you want to keep two feet of carpet around the outside of the table's perimeter. The point of the rule is to be able to have the chairs still on the carpet while they're in use.

Around the Bed

This one many people seem to mess up; if the carpet is large enough to cover under everything (end tables & bed frame), then do that. If it's not large enough, pull the rug down so that it there's 12-18 inches of coverage around everywhere but the top. Leave the end tables on the finished floor.

Front On, Back Off

This rule works in most situations - keep the front legs on the carpet, and the back legs off. The rug works to pull the room together,

Stay tuned for part two!