TIL: Christmas in July

Ever hear of 'Christmas in July', but never knew what it means? It's actually quite simple!

If you're familiar with geology, you know planet Earth separated into 3 main regions, the northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere and the equator. For us in the northern hemisphere, our winter months are December through February. However for those in the southern hemisphere, their winter is June through August; thus Christmas in July was born.


According to wiki, The earliest literal usage of 'Christmas in July' was in July 1933, at Camp Keystone (a girl's summer camp), North Carolina. They had a full celebration including gifts, a Christmas Tree, and a visit from Santa Claus. Then  in 1940 the Hollywood comedy 'Christmas in July' god national attention. Soon after, some churches started celebrating Christmas in July; the rest is history.

So if you're one who celebrates Christmas, be prepared for the possibility of Christmas sales this month and the opportunity to save some money for December.