Projects to Complete by Labor Day

Are you hosting a party this Labor day? Here are some projects to consider for preparing for the big day.

Curb Appeal Projects

Impress your guests as they arrive at your residence. Some things to consider here are painting shutters, painting the entry door, spicing up your mailbox, add new landscaping, new light fixtures, or new landscape edging.

Window Maintenance

Not only will re-caulking windows keep unwanted guests from entering your home, but will also keep heat & humidity out and cool air in.

Deck Touch-Up


If you're considering replacing your deck, put that thought to the side. You may want to consider acquiring estimates to have your current deck fixed, sanded & stained; continue enjoying your deck for years meanwhile taking it easy on your wallet.

Driveway Restore

Don't hesitate on your driveway - the longer cracks sit, the more money it will cost to repair. For a full guide on prices and when to repair or replace, check out this article