9 Money Saving Tips

9 Money-Saving Tips

(for those looking to really save)

Track Monthly Spending

In order to save money, you'll need to know first how much you have. Keep track of your spending habits so you can learn where you're potentially wasting money.

Get Rewards Credit Card

If you're one who never misses a credit card payment, you need a card to compliment those habits. Find which bank gives the best rewards for faithful members, and negotiate for the lowest interest possible.

Drink More Water

We're made up of a majority of water, therefore it's important to keep drinking. Also consuming more water will cause you to not be as hungry during the day, potentially helping you buy less or no snacks.

Eat Breakfast

It's the most important meal of the day. Start each morning the right way by eating breakfast. In conjunction with drinking more water, you should have much more energy between meals.

Get a Crock Pot

These things are miracles. Plan your meal the night before, throw it in the crock pot in the morning, and wait. After work, you can come home to a delicious, finished meal.

Air Seal Your Home

Get whichever kind of caulk you need, and seal your home. Letting this go unoticed can dramatically increase your heating/cooling bill durng the warmest and coldest months.

Don't eat out. Ever.

Learn to cook and how to prepare meals ahead of time. You'll save at least hundreds by not eating out as much as possible.

Is It Needed?

Question your buys. Take 10 seconds to decide if what you want to buy is really needed. Impulse buys are a waste of many people's cash.

Kick Unhealthy Habits

Smoking cigs daily can cost you thousands of dollars a year, even choosing the cheap brands. Having a 6-pack every week will run you about $500/yr. Extend your lifespan and your wallet by staying sober.